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The history of our company, now well known as “soft capsules expert KAMATA” started in 1930, when we began manufacturing plate method molding machines for cod-liver oil drops based on our original graving technology. I remember that Mr. Katsuo Kamata, my predecessor, a founder of our company, finished the machine by hand, one by one with great cares at that moment. After the World War II, we introduced rotary-type automatic filling machines from Liner in England, which was the milestone of the beginning of high-speed and highly automatic machine era.? At this moment, our company was converted to a stock company, then, we have made the best effort to develop and manufacture a new rotary-type filling machine and associated equipments with higher productivity. From world wide market, our entire set of soft capsule manufacturing machines has obtained excellent reputation with both its performance and quality, which has established our company as “Kamata Brand “. In 1991, in addition to machine manufacturing, we started contracted production of soft capsules by utilizing our set of machines, and since then, these two categories have become our core businesses. In October 2016, we separated machine manufacturing division as a subsidiary company, Kamata Machinery. A new company means our new challenge to achieve a leap by focusing our attention and effort just on machine development and manufacturing based on our heritage, We promise that we continue to be a pioneer for the soft capsule manufacturing machine and to give the best customer satisfaction. KAMATA MACHINE CO.,LTD CEO, Izumi Kamata

Corporate Information

Name Horiuchi Food Industry Co., Ltd.
Address 4-14-1, Sayamadai, Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture[access]
Representative Tetsuo Takayanagi
Capital 20 million yen
Service ・Manufacture and sale of health foods

・Manufacture and sale of food additives

・Sales of saccharified products
Worker 43 people
Main Banks 1. Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Kanda station square branch 2. Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Kanda station square branch